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Thread: Silver LCR Moniiors and 6-8 ohms amp, would it cause a much less powerful sound?

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    Silver LCR Moniiors and 6-8 ohms amp, would it cause a much less powerful sound?

    - Marantz AV7704 pre-amp
    - Marantz 7055 5-Ch Amp: 140W(8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz) x5 Power Amplifier
    - Triad Silver Inroom Monitors: Recomended Amp Power 50-200 watts
    Impedance - 4 ohms
    Sensitivity (db 1watt/1meter) - 92.5
    Anechoic Frequency Response 70 Hz - 20 kHz
    - Triad Silver inroom Subs: Anechoic Frequency Response - 20 Hz - 200 Hz
    F3 -3db 20
    Woofer Type - Ultra-low distortion aluminum cone woofer
    Woofer Size - (1) 12" /30cm
    Sub Amp Type - Class A/B RackAmp
    Sub Amp Power - 700 watts
    Surrounds: Triad in-wall Bronzes, sound fine.

    Bottom line: at volume level 50 the overall sound is not much above a 2-3 person conversation. It's not until 65,70,75 that it really opens up and there's enough 'oomph' for movies or intense music listening.

    I am receiving mixed messages on how how closely the ohms rating must match on speakers vs amps; and to what extent it may be causing this 'underpowered' feeling. But all seem to agree '50' on the volume knob should be much louder.

    Yes: pre-amp automatically receives firmware upgrade, yes tested with another pre-amp (of sorts) and same response.

    Do I simply need a more powerful or more precisely rated (4 ohm) 5-channel amp? I have an option to switch out the 7055.

    Thank you,

    ps - this 5-ch amp is rated at 4 ohms, but does the higher watt output make it 'too powerful?' (sorry, newbie here)
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    Unlike Marantz AVRs, which have a higher current design, the 7055 isn't specified for 4 ohm loads. According to the manual, it's designed for 6 ohms or higher.

    I suggest that you take a look at the Emotiva line of amplifiers. They have a really nice high-current design. If we can help you with pricing let me know.
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