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Thread: Silver inroom Subs - how do you keep them "on"

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    Silver inroom Subs - how do you keep them "on"


    Recent Triad speaker install, setep:

    LG Oled 65" tv
    Oppo 205 - to serve as preamp and music/4K movie source
    Marantz MM7705 5-Channel Amp (140W/channel)
    Triad Silver Inroom Monitors L-C-R
    Triad Silver Inroom Subs (2), independently powered
    Triad Bronze Surrounds

    The Oppo has analag RCAs to the Marantz amp, five plus one for sub split...

    Had some initial issues with L-R feeling really underpowered, this was solved with an Oppo firmware upgrade.

    Now, can't figure out how to keep the subs active for all playback. They only "kick in" with movies, and only on fairly recent blu-rays (not plain DVDs).

    On a related note: Any wisdom to
    returning the Oppo, getting a proper pre-amp and (cheaper) blu-ray/cd player?

    Thank you!

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    Which inputs are you using on the sub?

    As far as the Oppo goes, you could sell the player and buy a pre-amp and a new BD player. We love the Oppo but there are other choices out there. The Sony models are much less expensive and will give you excellent video performance.

    Let us know if we can help you with Marantz, Denon or Emotiva.
    Authorized Dealer: Triad Speakers, Denon, Marantz, ATI, Sony, Datasat,
    JVC, Screen Innovations, Stewart Filmscreen, and Panamorph.

    Contact us for assistance, we are happy to help.

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    Thank you - I figured it out. : )

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