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Thread: InCeiling vs InWall Bronze

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    InCeiling vs InWall Bronze

    I'd like to get LCR speakers instead of my current soundbar to get a better soundstage. The dealer started off suggesting the InCeiling speakers. I had been expecting to go with the InWalls. Would you people have any thoughts on how the speakers compare? I would think InWalls have a more straightforward job. The slanted speakers in the InCeiling may be a neat trick, but my inclination is to avoid tricks. Plus I was planning to put a pair of speakers in the ceiling for Atmos.
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    Triad's angled InCeiling speakers work, very, very well. If installed correctly, the sound appears to come from the TV hanging on the wall below.

    However, if you want Atmos, you need to have good separation between the "ear layer" and the "Atmos" layer above. So, I recommend that you go with in-wall speakers rather than InCeiling.
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