Our house was pre-wired for a 7.1 in-ceiling system in the living/dining area. It is an open floor plan. We have a 70" tv mounted about 4 feet or so off the floor and the couch is roughly below the middle surrounds. We do about 50% movies and 50% music. Recently, I was able to source a Triad PAMP8 and PAMS8 for our slowly growing Control4 system and currently have an OD25 pair hooked up, so I have 7 zones left. The only audio will be outside or in the living room area, so I'll have use of the 14 extra channels. We have a 13" height to ceiling and living room area is 15' wide with the seating position being 13-13.5' from the front wall and 9' from where the middle surrounds would be. Spacing between left and right low-voltage box pre-wires is 9' but I could space speakers in or out since the holes need to be made.

So the questions are, what series would fit best for this type of space, and would mini monitors/monitors work better than LCRs since at least half of the use would be music? I've seen used Triads from Bronze to Gold go up for sale recently and I don't mind new/unused or slightly used systems or slowly acquiring components. Finally, what AVR is recommended nowadays? Thanks!

Living area.JPG