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Thread: Which triad passive soundbar to get? - Nano or Mini Sat

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    Smile Which triad passive soundbar to get? - Nano or Mini Sat

    Hey guys,

    Im currently shopping for a triad soundbar for my 55 oled tv (measures 48 in length)
    Im conflicted in which soundbar to get...
    Which bar sounds/performs better the mini sat soundbar 3.0 or the nano lcr soundbar 3.0?
    I'm paring it with a Episode Evolution 8" Subwoofer ES-SUB-EVO8-250.
    I'm in a condo/ room open up into the dinning then kitchen area on one side...and is closed on the opposite side (floor to ceiling windows).

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Paulo,

    The Nano will be thinner and the Mini Sat will have better bass. Since you are going to use a sub with the soundbar, you could go with the Nano.

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