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Thread: Mini LCR 1.0 SE vs Mini LCR 1.0

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    Mini LCR 1.0 SE vs Mini LCR 1.0

    I am new to triad products and was interested in getting LCR 1.0 for my center channel as it can be made to match the length of my 75 inch TV and I had two questions.

    1) I have a 5.1 setup in which I will be using the mini LCR 1.0 for a center channel, the current set up for the front left and right are the B&W CWM7.4 in walls and the rears are the B&W CWM664s. Will it sound very off by having a triad product as the center channel with these speakers?

    2) Is it worth paying extra to get the updated drivers in the SE Mini LCR 1.0. On the website it doesnt specify much just updated drivers as the difference.


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    There will be fairly big differences between Triad LCRs and the B&W speakers you already own?

    May I ask why you don't wish to use your current center channel?
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