From Larry Pexton:

After exactly 37 years as the founder of the enterprise known as Triad Speakers, I have found a worthy successor. Control4, the leading provider of smart home solutions, came to me just after my 70th birthday with an unsolicited and very fair offer to acquire our company. Through the course of spending time together working on the transaction, which was formally announced today, the Control4 management team has consistently shown a deep appreciation of and respect for what we have accomplished and the team that we have assembled here.

I can't imagine finding a better home for my company, our employees alongside whom I have worked the last decades, and our most cherished asset, our global dealer base. Moving forward, the same Triad people will be supporting your businesses and building your speakers with the same care and attention you've always enjoyed. However, now that we are part of Control4, the Triad team will enjoy new development, training and marketing resources that were always just beyond our reach under the Pexton family ownership.
Control4 is committed to continuing the quality, service and customization you have come to expect from Triad. Now Triad will be able to leverage Control4's depth of bench to continue to innovate for years to come, provide unmatched custom design services and make doing business with us, much easier.

From Control4 to their dealers:

Entertainment is at the heart of the connected home, which is why we are thrilled to announce that Control4 has acquired Triad Speakers, Inc, a leader in advanced audio technology and high-end speakers. With over 80% of Control4 installations integrating at least one receiver, audio entertainment is clearly central to your projects. Now, we have a full line of speakers to bring all the audio in your installations to life via bold, beautiful sound.

Triad's 30 year heritage of delivering exceptional audio solutions is rooted in its unwavering attention to design and detail, its focus on the quality of the listening experience, and the unique customization of its products. Triad builds a comprehensive range of built-to-order premium audio speakers, engineered to exact specifications and meticulously assembled to deliver uncompromising sound for every space in and around the home. The end result is an audio system that is voiced to sound the same, regardless of whether the speakers are in-wall, in-ceiling or in-room.

Larry Pexton, Triad's renowned founder, and his entire team who have been together for decades, will join Control4. We welcome Triad's proven premium-acoustics experience and innovation to the company, enabling us to immediately expand our entertainment offering and develop new integrated-audio experiences for the future.