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Thread: Speaker Models and Placement Options for Dedicated Theatre

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    Speaker Models and Placement Options for Dedicated Theatre

    Hello Dawn,

    I am hoping to get your input on how to implement Triad speakers in a home theatre.
    Basically, the models of Triad speakers and placement options that would be optimal for my room.

    I have also contacted Triad Support about this, and have heard back once.
    I have asked Support some more detailed questions, and I am waiting to hear back.
    In the meantime, I would like to hear from more than one expert anyway before I finalize my theatre plans, as opinions on theatre design may vary.
    Support did mention that, at CEDIA, New Rules For Atmos (system design) with Dolby Labs were finalized.
    However, I do not know what these new rules are.
    Does this mean that there is a new white paper for Atmos? Do you have a link to these new design rules?

    Some background info:

    I plan on putting together a home theatre with projector and screen in an existing room. I will probably use Triad speakers.

    My room is small, only about 12 feet long (actually, closer to 11’ 10”) and roughly 94” high. The front and back walls have framing over heating duct work (Soffit) that extends about 7” down from the ceiling and about 26” into the room, so the ceiling height in these areas is about 87”.
    This theatre room opens into another room that is roughly 34’ by 14’ (there are no doors at entrance to theatre room).

    I have attached a rough drawing of the room (top view looking down).

    If the projector is close to the back wall and the screen is tight against the front wall then I am guessing that the distance from projector lens to screen would be around 10 feet.
    I think that a 2:35:1 or 2:40:1 screen that is about 100 inches wide (about 109” inches diagonal) would be a good size (but this could change once I get a projector and test the image size for preference). I plan on using a conversion lens like the Navitar HDSSW08 or HDSSW065 to achieve this image size.
    For now, I will consider that this size is ideal. This is assuming that the seating will be about 3 feet away from the back wall, so a viewing distance of about 9 feet.

    I am leaning toward a regular vs. acoustically transparent screen (cost of the screen is a concern and also there is a stud in the center of the wall where the center speaker would go. This is a finished and painted wall, so tearing it apart and rearranging the stud for the center speaker would add more cost. Plus, I would prefer the optimum picture quality that a regular non-transparent screen could give.)

    I would like to do Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, such as 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 (possibly one more sub if needed).
    The sub will likely be a different brand.

    There will only be one or two people using the room 95% of the time, so the two end seats will not be a priority for audio.

    I should also mention that I would prefer doing a minimal, clean looking front wall. Ideally, the screen/movie would be the only thing to see up front when the lights are off and the movie is playing, and it would appear to “float” in front of me as some people refer.
    At the moment, I am thinking of surrounding the screen with a dark material like black velvet (or some black acoustically transparent material) using a fabric track system, where the front wall as well as the sides and ceiling would be covered a couple of feet out with dark, light absorbing material. Underneath the material at appropriate locations, I will probably place sound absorbing panels/bass traps. I would place such panels on the sides and back of the room as well. For bass traps, I might do triangular corner traps on top and bottom (for example, above and below where the front corner speakers might be located).

    I rather not have speakers visible and sticking out into the room in order to have a nice flat front wall (therefore not having light reflect off the speakers, which would not only affect picture quality but also bring visual attention/distraction). As long as it is not much of an audio compromise.
    To have the flat front wall “look,” I was thinking the Triad on wall or incorner speakers might work and easily hide behind an acoustic/speaker fabric due to their shallow depth?

    From what I understand, because my room size is small, the Bronze series would be good (vs. a larger room where Silver or Gold might be required)?

    Questions – based on seating being placed about 3 feet away from the rear wall, using a regular (non-acoustically transparent) screen and optimizing for the two middle seats (since the two outer seats will very rarely be used):

    How many speakers is ideal (5.1.2, 5.1.4 etc...)?

    What model of speaker should I use for the front left and right, front centre, surrounds and Atmos heights/tops?

    Where should I place the surrounds and Atmos (top) speakers?

    (I am planning to place the front left and right speakers in the front corners at sitting ear height and the centre speaker directly under the screen as close to the screen as possible.)

    If more than one configuration or speaker model is appropriate, I would like to hear about the different options.

    I appreciate any help that you can offer.

    Thank you for your assistance.
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