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Thread: How hard can I push the Gold MM

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    How hard can I push the Gold MM

    I usually watch movies at -18 below reference(denon Receiver), Iím wondering if I can push the Gold MiniMonitor a bit more(maybe -14 or so). I donít want to damage it. I have it xover at 100hz. Itís being driven by an emotive amp with 300 wpc. Thoughts?

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    Nice to see you here.

    Typically, under-powered amps/clipping is the cause of most driver failures. However, that doesn't mean that feeding a small speaker with huge amounts of power isn't going to cause any damage. 300 watts is a lot of power going to a 4 ohm speaker that's rated for 150 watts.

    I would consider changing your crossover to 125hz and being careful with the volume control until you have a better idea how the Mini will handle.
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